It’s so often said but remains true – an organisation’s most important asset is its people. In today’s connected world, it has never been easier or more important for your people to be your ambassadors.

Smart companies recognise this and we help them to engage effectively with their employees to create a motivated, committed and loyal team. At Stratia, we truly believe that creating a unified understanding of business objectives and developing a happy working environment makes a real difference to the bottom line. We’ve worked with many organisations to align their brand, culture and vision with their people.

By focusing on ‘engagement with’ rather than ‘communicating to’, we encourage internal behaviours and processes amongst your people that best reflect the shared values of an organisation, ensuring external expectations are met.

We’ve produced many creative, exciting pieces of communication for various clients with the aim of connecting with their employees. They all have three things in common – keep it simple, talk their language and make it relevant.

The scope of our service runs as deep as you want or need it to. We can either start at grass roots level or simply audit and improve existing processes and channels of delivery, applying latest best practice techniques.