The media – friend or foe? Risk or opportunity? That depends on your communications objectives, your product and your profile. There are thousands of print, broadcasting and online channels out there, many of which are already precisely targeted at people you want – or need – to influence.

We understand how the media operates, what they expect and how to satisfy their needs in the digital age. With this insight we work with you to develop an individual strategy building appropriate relationships that enable you to communicate effectively using these influential delivery channels.

And it’s a rapidly changing world – the exponential rise in social media and its impact on business is a great example. It’s our job to help you embrace

these new channels as further opportunities to get your messages across. We believe it’s part of a growing need for a cohesive and organic online communications strategy that should complement and reinforce more traditional methods.

With the benefit of so much in-house experience, we are just as adept at devising positive, promotional campaigns as we are at defending and managing difficult or escalating issues. Our media training product VOICE it prepares you and your colleagues for that all-important interview, turning inherent risk into big opportunity.