We’ve worked in some very challenging industries over the years and during that time we’ve seen the sustainability agenda gather momentum year on year.

From the early days of sustainability reporting, companies are finding new and innovative ways to demonstrate their ‘green’ credentials. And we’re helping them to do it in a robust and evidence-based way.

When you dig beneath the features of a product or service, there is often a whole new story to tell about how it also contributes to sustainable development, thereby adding value longer term.

It’s giving organisations the competitive edge as well as a new platform to engage with key stakeholders.  We help clients to define and deliver their sustainability communication and messaging. And we help them to share their sustainability story in a strategic and integrated way through different kinds of media.

More recently, we’ve also partnered with specialist sustainability companies to conduct in-depth Life Cycle Assessments – providing further evidence and validity to underpin our clients’ messaging. And because we want our clients to stay ahead of the game, we keep a watching brief on emerging trends and new regulations.